High Capacity Filter Cartridge

The high capacity pleated filter is a new product developed by S.I.P Topology Environmental Protection and Purification Co., Ltd. The filter cartridge has a large diameter of 160 mm and no central support skeleton, one side end with a handle and the another end sealed. Its filtration fluid is from inside to outside. The large diameter design of the filter increases the effective filtering area, which also effectively reduces the number of filter elements used and reduces the size of the housing. In many fields of use, investment and labor costs can be reduced due to its large flow rates and long filter life.
  • High Capacity means fewer filter elements, lower labor and operating costs
  • High Capacity means the use of a smaller filter housing reduces investment costs and saves floor space
  • Replacement of filter elements is faster, easier and safer
  • O-rings ensure filter reliability
  • Polyester (PET) material allows the product to be used in both aqueous and non-aqueous liquids
  • Hot-melt adhesive polypropylene prevents particle release
  • Folded surface design allows high-flow filter cartridges to be subjected to lower pressure and longer service life than other filter cartridges
  • Allows high-flow media to pass through the filter, it has the advantages of high efficiency, low pressure loss and long life
  • The inside and outside structure of the filter cartridge makes the pollutants be intercepted inside the filter element, which means the replacement of the filter element is easier.
  • The metal-free structure of the filter element makes it possible to perform complete combustion, flattening and other environmental treatments.
  • Reverse osmosis pre-filtration, seawater desalination pretreatment
  • Power plant condensate filtration
  • Filtration of raw materials, solvents, and water in the biopharmaceutical industry
  • Filtering of bottled water, sugar liquids, edible oils, fruit juices, soft drinks and milk
  • Paints, coatings, petrochemicals
  • Microelectronics, film, fiber, resin
Specification   Operatine Conditions
Material PET / PP / Glass Fiber
OD 160mm
ID 72mm
Length 20''(508±1mm) 40''(1015±1mm)
Precision (nominal) 0.5U, 1U, 3U, 5U, 10U, 15U, 40U,70U, 100U
Maximum working temperature 65℃
Maximum differential pressure 30 psi
Suggesting replace the filter cartridge when differential pressure ≤22 psi
Operating Conditions Specification
Maximum Operating Temperature 70℃
Maximum Forward Differential Pressure 3.4bar@20℃
Recommended Change-out Differential Pressure 2.4bar@20℃
Resistance to Chemical Reagents   Flow Rate Chart for 40"
Chemical Temperature Chemical emperature
Acetic Acid 20% 71℃ Hydrogen Peroxide 38℃
Alkanolamines10% 60℃ Methyl Ethyl Ketone 21℃
Ammonium Hydroxide 71℃ Mineral Oil 21℃
Bleach 5.5% 49℃ Nitric Acid 20% 49℃
Ethylene Glycol 71℃ Potassium Hydroxide 60℃
Sodium Carbonate 71℃ Sodium Hydroxide 70% 71℃
Sulfuric Acid 20% 71℃ Sulfuric Acid 70% 71℃
Urea 71℃    
Model of High Capacity Pleated Filter