High Water Flow Pleated Filter Cartridge

High water flow pleated filter cartridge uses a polyester fiber cloth filter material, which has a durable performance. The filter media center rod and the end cap are glued together as an integral part to ensure that the end cap is better closed, due to its folding design, it provides larger filter area, longer filter life, which also reduced filter update times and filtration costs.
  • High water flow means a smaller housing, which reduces the labor consumption resulting from the replacement of the filter element, more pollutants contained and the less money consumed.
  • Coreless design reduces processing noise costs
  • Hand-made design makes replacement faster, easier and safer
  • O-rings ensure filter reliability
  • Polypropylene or cellulose material allows the product to be used in both aqueous and non-aqueous liquids
    Large area pleated surface design allows high water flow filter cartridges to be subjected to lower pressure and longer service life than other filter cartridges
  • Reverse osmosis prefiltration, drinking water, filtration of process water
  • Edible oil, lubricants, coolant (heat dissipation) filtration
  • Cutting fluid, solvent, chemical filtration
Resistance to Chemical Reagents   Products Code Table
Name of Drug Polypropylene Name of Drug Polypropylene
Amyl Alcohol R Chlorylene LR
Benzyl Alcohol R Concentrated Hydrochloric Acid R
Butyl Alcohol R Concentrated Nitric Acid R
Alcohol R Strong Phosphoric Acid R
Isopropyl Alcohol R Hydrofluoric Acid 6N NR
Methanol R Methyl Isobutyl Ketone R
Dimethylbenzene NR Formaldehyde 37% R
Glycerine R Ethane Anhydrous LR
Carbon Tetrachloride LR Pyridine LR
Ethylene Dichloride LR Methyl Cyanide LR
TMC Freon TMC LR Amyl Acetate R
Perchlorethylene LR Butyl Acetate LR
Glacial Acetic Acid R Cellulose Acetate R
Hydrochloric Acid 6N R Acetic Ether LR
Nitric Acid 6N R Methyl Acetate R
Oil of Vitriol R Isopropyl Acetate R
Methyl Ethyl Ketone R Ammonium Hydrate 3N R
DMF R Ammonium Hydrate 6N R
Benzine LR Caustic Potash 3N R
Phenol R Caustic Soda 3N R
Water R Caustic Soda 6N R
Aether LR Lube R
Isopropyl Ether R Arachis Oil R
Dioxane R Gingili Oil R
Butylene Oxide LR Acetone R
Benzene NR Nadone R
Methylbenzene NR Amidobenzene LR
Ethylidene Glycol R Amidobenzene R
Propanedio R Coal Oil R
Trichloromethane LR Terebenthene LR
TF Freon TF LR Nickel Sulfate R
Methylene Chloride LR    
Item Material Precision Length OD Code Eg.
HWF P 01:1um 10M:250±1.5mm 25:2.5"(63.5mm) HWF-P-01-10M-25
  05:5um 10I:10"(254±1.5mm) 45:4.5"(115mm)
  05:5um 10I:10"(254±1.5mm)  
  20:20um 20I:20"(508±1.5mm)  
LR(Satisfactory under low temperature , low concentration)
NR(no data)