Activated Carbon Filter Cartridge

Activated carbon fiber filter is a composite depth filter composed of cellulose and activated carbon powder. It is combined with the dual-function filter core material structure of activated carbon adsorption. The outer layer of the middle column of filter element is wrapped with precision fiber filter liner, supplemented with activated carbon fiber cloth. When the liquid flows through the filter media, the outer layer of deep fiber filter structure can block the pollution particles, the activated carbon in the filter cloth can remove the odor, precipitate, pigment, volatile organic compounds (VOC) and organic chemicals in the filtrate. The innermost layer of filter media can prevent carbon particles and fine contaminants from escaping, providing final quality assurance and complete filtration.
Activated carbon is a porous material that has the ability to adsorb organic compounds. Therefore, it is widely used in chemical processes to remove (adsorb) unwanted contaminant particles from the filtrate as the tool to decolorization, deodorization and remove grease. Due to the strength of the adsorption force (efficiency) depends on various aspects, such as, different way of filtering, the flow rate of the filtrate, the type of activated carbon, contact time and contact area, so it can greatly improve the efficiency of liquid treatment and improve the quality of liquid filtration if you choose the correct filter.
  • Liquid filtration
  • Surface treatment, filtration of plating solutions
  • Photographic developer filtration
  • Removal of fats and aromatics in solution
  • Removal of free chlorine and volatile organic compounds in solution
  • Drinking water, filtration of RO water machine
  • Removal of odor, ozone, organic pigment
  • Removal of organic chemicals in solution
Filtration Efficiency Value   Structure and Material
 Specific Surface Area:m2/g  850
 Adsorptive Value of Benzene:mg/g  270
 Adsorptive Value of Iodine:mg/g  800
 Decolor Value of Methylene Blue:mg/g  100
 Thickness:mm  2
 Activated Carbon Type  Coconut Shell Based Activated Carbon
 Inner Core  Polypropylene
 Coating Layer of Inner Core  Polyester
 Outer Carrier Net  Polyethylene
 Endcap  PPR (Food Grade)
Design ang Operating Parameters   Products Code Table
 Pore Size  5
 Maximum Operating Temperature  52℃(125 F)
 Maximum Differential Pressure  3.45Bar(50 psid)
 Recommended Change-out Differential Pressure  2.07Bar(30 psid)
 Breaking-out Differential Pressure  5.17Bar(75 psid)
 Item  Material  Length  OD  Code Eg.
 TCC  C:Activated Carbon Fiber  10M:250±1.5mm  25:2.5"(63.5mm)  TTW-P-01-10M-P-25-1
   10I:10"(254±1.5mm)  45:4.5"(115mm)
Free Chlorine Removal Chart   Flow Rate and Differential Pressure Chart
Size   Activated Carbon Filter Cartridge